Finding the Love Life through Manifest the Love of Your Life


Many people wish to be loved and have been searching for love. You might be one of those people and you really want to meet your soulmate soon. You may have tried a lot of ways that you thought to be helpful for you. Maybe you have tried to join dating sites, visiting single bars, joining groups for speedy date or even ask the help of matchmaker. Maybe, you feel so hopeless because you have not found the love of your love yet. Maybe it is time for you to try to manifest the love of your life.

What is the meaning behind manifest the love of your life? Simple, it is basically a formula to find the love you need. In this method, you need just a little bit of your time, energy, attention and intention. It is all started with the principles or law of attraction. You need to know what you want, believe in it while trying to get it and in the end you will receive what you want. It does sound easy but when it comes to manifest for love, there will be three things that must be understood and applied really well in the real life.

The first step you need to manifest the love of your life is to have clarity. It means that you must know exactly what kind of partner you want. Think about an individual that may fit you in every way. Someone who will fit you now and will also be able to come along with you in the future. It may seem that you are daydreaming but you are not daydreaming, you are hoping for the best person to come for you and be with you as your true love. You know who you want to be with and hope to find that person soon.

The second step on manifest the love of your life will be clearing. What is this supposed to mean? Well, it just as it is, clearing means you need to let go. What are the things you need to let go? There might be a lot of them and will be both emotionally and physically. You need to let go the emotional and the physical clutter that will become obstacles for you in becoming someone who opens to love and to be loved. Think about your past lovers, your heartaches and many other things related to your love life and let them go. To put it simpler, forget them.

The third and last step in manifest the love of your life is the manifestation itself. Take a little bit of your time every day to sit still in quiet place. Let go all of the chaos and put your thought and attention to what your heart’s desire. Let yourself feel and imagine what it will be to live with the one you truly love and that someone feels the same for you. Ask yourself various questions regarding your love life. You must believe that you already have the love that you are looking for.

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Ways To Make Boyfriend Fall in Love With You Absolutely

boyfriend girlfriend t-shirt

Falling in love is a very pretty feeling and if you want your boyfriend to absolutely fall in love with you, this should not make you worry. It’s a matter of simple math; just follow the following tips to make him fall in love and they will help you to make boyfriend fall in love very much.

1. Find a balance in your relationship- All successful relationships have one bond of contention- the right balance!  You will find that it is the major thing that helps much in staying in love with each other. While in pursuit, you should not make your boyfriend feel suffocated, which is a common complaint from guys. You need to have the following ideas when focusing to finding a balance: routine and spontaneity hence make a routine out of what your boyfriend like doing, love and lust to make you realize that love is selfless and as you express your desires, make sure that other desires are satisfied too, speaking and listening.  As much as you like to talk to him, learn to listen to make him feel cared for.

2. Ensure that he has time for himself: What you should know is that guys are naturally independent and so need space at times hence should he should get that from you. The secret is that guys tend to relieve their worries when talking to other guys and this helps them heal. It even shows that you trust him on his own even when he is away.

3. Do something spontaneous that proves your love guided by what he likes most and make it a surprise since it is most likely to make a big impression. It’s one of the best factor on how to get your boyfriend to love you. In case he likes sports, look for tickets and take him to an amusement side. In case he is a hopeless romantic type, then buy him a love book or a soft music and dedicate the nice words to him. But if he is an outdoorsy type, you can look forward to talking him on a camping trip and it will work perfectly.

4. You can hang with the guys sometimes: Most boyfriends love a girl that can chill with them and joke around, have fun, be happy hence trying to let lose. However, make sure that when mingling,   make sure you avoid flirting since you will turn him off.

5. Leave a thoughtful short message in his shirt pocket saying something straight from heart that will let him know you always wanted to be close for him at all costs. When doing this, make sure that’s short enough so that he does not feel the need for responding. ‘Hi there, I just wanted you to know how special you are to me’ can also work.

6. Plan for a date where you can go somewhere and relax: It will make him share his feeling about your relationship and as he opens up, please let him have your full attention, but with some positive comments to make the conversation flowing.  Share dishes together and drinks that you think he appreciates most hence keeping him closer to you in all aspects.

7. Show a little surprise affection; just a little affection works well for guys since despite going for a long way,  it does not mean he dislikes it. A surprise kiss at the chick, surprise comments among other things that you don’t normally do and all will have a positive impact on him!

T-Shirt: Relationship Help

relationship t-shirt

Many women get troubles in their relationships. Some of them said that their men could not understand their feelings. The others get jealous of the other women in their relationship. However, those problems are very common to happen at many women. If you have those problems, you will get the solution from this article. In this article, we are going to talk about the relationship help, so you can avoid any trouble in your relationship. You will get the tips to keep your relationship in the good condition, and even become better woman to your man. We will discuss about the things that will give you troubles and the solution to change those troubles into the good conditions in your relationship.

Relationship is Two Way of Communication

If you are in relationship, you have to realize that a relationship needs both man and women’s understanding. It is very good relationship advice for women. Many women do not want to understand the condition of their men. They just blame any troubles to their men. You should think about all of the troubles in your relationship. Look for the causes of those troubles. If you find that the causes of the troubles are not from your men, you should apologize to your men. He is also a human, and he cannot understand all of your troubles. He also needs your help to solve the problems in your relationship.

Understand Your Man

If you want the good relationship advice for women, you have to understand that man is not perfect human. You have to help him with his troubles. You are not the only side in a relationship with the weak condition. Many women consider themselves as the side with more attention. If they do not get enough attention, they will look for attention with the fake troubles or any other stupid things. If you remember that you did those mistakes, you should change your behavior. You have to pay attention to the condition of your man. No matter how strong your man is, he still needs your care. You should ask him about his work, his friends, or the family problems. He also needs the help from woman to consult the problems in his life. You should share many moments in your life to get the better condition of the relationship.

Stop the Jealous

Many women get the troubles of relationship from the jealous factor. In the good relationship advice for women, jealous is the main enemy. You have to get rid of that feeling if you want to get the good relationship. However, your man needs the female friends in their activities. You cannot consider you as the only woman in this world. He needs to interact with the other women, especially the woman from the family of your man. If you limit his friends, he will get stresses, and he will blame you with his troubles. You have to be smart to control your man for the good sake. However, you should not give the freedom to your man to interact with the other women in the bad ways.


Starting Your Own Shirt Business: Yay or Nay?

Finding unique T-shirt designs is fun. Creating your own designs is even more fun!

Since I was in junior high, I always knew someone who designed shirts. During my second year, there was a boy who designed a shirt for the entire class. It has everyone’s nickname written on the shirt. It was a great memorabilia.

In high school, it was the same. Only that time, the class made jackets. Some classes made shirts, but jackets were the fashion back then.

I still have some of these clothing items, though I don’t wear them at all ha ha! That’s because they are good for keeping memories, but not so good for a fashion statement. That said, if you are one of those people who design your own shirts, you could set up your own business.

There’s a friend of mine who does this. He’s been doing it for quite a while. I only see his business is getting bigger and bigger.

He started out printing custom design T-shirts with famous musicians and lyrics on them. Then he went out and printed custom shirts for various communities, particularly indie music clubs. It looks like his shirt business is selling more everyday because he is promoting more often.

If you’re thinking about starting your own T-shirt business, it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to go to business school or hire an expensive business coach. You could if you want to, but it’s better to use the money to set up your business.

You can use online T-shirt designers such as Teespring. This site is getting a lot of fame, and I’ve seen adverts where people have made tens of thousands of dollars in profit just selling through this site!

The bad news is that some of the designs violate copyright law. It makes sense though. People will buy the design that has something popular on it, like a brand logo or football club. These brands though are protected by copyright. You have to make sure you are complying by copyright laws.

This is where the shirt business can get rough. I know someone whose design was used without his permission. He filed a complaint, but the shirt publisher (a big store) never replied back. Ouch!

It might pay well in advance to get a good business education before jumping in. You could even do an online business training, such as this high growth business training by Eben Pagan. Good knowledge and solid advice from an expert could potentially save you thousands down the road.

This is why many business people don’t hesitate to invest tens of thousands of dollars, even though it sounds expensive. The benefits of expert insight can make or break your business. It can even turn it from a failing business into a highly profitable one. You can start here to get free business training.

In conclusion, I think it’s worth to start your own shirt business, if you have the passion. My friend does well selling his own custom designs for communities. You could take after him and find out whether the local groups in your area are looking for something unique as a memorabilia.

Shirt Inspired by the Theme of Music Records

Shirt design by Branka Kovacevic

This shirt is inspired by the look and feel of music records. The front collar and button line makes it look like it has a red tie. I also like the asymmetrical motif on the upper right and lower left side. The patterns remind me of how various music artists and genres are connected to each other.

The curve around the hips is a crucial part of this design. In my mind, this shirt for women is designed to accentuate the feminine figure. It’s true that good fashion highlights your best parts, and this shirt can make you look slimmer. It’s quite handy if you want to lose weight without actually losing weight!

Speaking about feminine figures, it’s essential for you to know your body type. Different women have different types of figures. Some women are slender, some have the square body type, and some have the hourglass figure (which is often considered the sexiest). In my opinion though, no body type is better than the other. This is because the definition and representation of “sexy” has changed practically every decade throughout the century.

Hardly any women are born with good genetics that give them the figure they want. Every woman feels she could lose a few extra pounds here and there. This is why I love fashion so much, because it allows for women to look better, healthier and more beautiful without spending a fortune.

Sometimes women do want to lose weight though, whether for aesthetic or health reasons. I find that one of the best ways is to do a custom weight loss program. What this means is that you don’t use a generic diet, because generic ones don’t necessarily work for you. A customized diet plan means you get one that is specifically made for you and your body shape.

The important thing is to not go overboard. Some women take weight issues way too seriously and end up looking less beautiful than they started. Sometimes a little fat actually makes you look sexier (some men prefer women who are chubbier). So if you weight more than you want, don’t worry so much.

Remember to always love yourself, and you’ll always be beautiful.

Live. Love. Laugh


Live. Laugh. Love design by LogoSportswear

It’s a real simple layout combined with a girly pink color, so it screams out Valentines Day all over it. This tee is better worn with a cardigan that has a darker color to accentuate the heart symbol.

Though it’s simple, I like the message written. It’s a nice reminder that we sometimes forget to stop our busy lives and just enjoy the moment to love and laugh with loved ones. Just the other day in the Tapping World Summit Green Room I listened to someone mention that their lives started getting better when they took the time to care for themselves.

If you’re on the mood for a casual hangout or maybe even a fun date, you can put this on and remind yourself to have a good time.

Attitude by Roc Gelic


This design is from Roc Gelic.

I like the texture of the green color, combined with a simple but still detailed motif that makes this design rather catchy if put on a plain tee. Would be a smart choice for a casual summer day hangout with buddies or even a cold autumn day if you put this on a sweater.